Learn more about the uses of flooring 

Undoubtedly the floor of any house includes the largest amount of area and having a high quality material for flooring can be considered as a priority in interior decoration.

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Thursday 02 February 2023

Maybe in first glance it seems unnecessary to have a flooring in house but knowledge of capabilities of the flooring can give comprehensive view to the audience of RoseFilm to choose the best flooring for their house why so the importance of using flooring is undeniable.

Floorings for any area and any building such as pool, kitchen, bedroom, office and etc. are different from each other and traffic situation and physical characteristics of each section of the building is the main determinant of the type of flooring needed.


Importance of using floorings

Having a flooring is necessary for any building. The important cases of using flooring can be divided into the following 2 very important cases:

-       Covering the flooring space of building for beauty and interior decoration

-       Convenience and traffic

-       Helping the home heating system

Types of flooring

Carpets, rugs, tiles and parquet are among the most famous and oldest types of flooring for residential and office buildings, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. But in interior decoration, using floorings with versatile and modern materials can give an even more beautiful and more useful effect to the house.

Based on this, floorings can be divided in two natural and artificial categories. Natural floorings are made from stone and wood and artificial floorings are made from PVC or laminate parquet.


Wooden flooring or parquet

Parquets is known as the wooden carpet of the house. From cheap wood to expensive wood, parquet is used.