Introduction to membrane vacuum covering

Membrane vacuum covering is one of the best kind is used in different industries and knowing the attributes of it can give a good perspective regarding the choice of covering to the producers of the wood industry.

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Tuesday 17 January 2023

Now days using MDF artificial woods is a requirement in interior decoration and from house doors to cabinets and beds are all made of this type of wood.

Uncovered MDF problems

Using an uncovered MDF in interior decoration has some problems.

One of the problems and shortcomings of this product is that this artificial wood doesn’t have a good look without covering and it is very simple and effects on the beauty of the house.

Another problem of the uncovered MDF is that it doesn’t have good quality and resistant against all kinds of external threats such as humidity, impact and heat.

coverings, the best option for covering MDF defects

to fix shortcomings of uncovered MDFs there is an important solution that forced various wood products production industries to use it. This simple solution is coverings.

There are coverings with different types of material, color, quality and price, which are used in industries such as cabinet making according to the taste and efficiency of each one. High glass, HPL, melamine and membrane coverings are some of the coverings that each one has its own audience.


Characteristics of membrane covering

One of the appealing coverings for MDF is membrane that now days has many fans and most of the people use this type of covering.

Using membrane covering not only increases the beauty and lifespan of wooden products especially cabinets, also protects raw surface of MDF from threats like humidity, wind and dirt and it prevents the cabinet from getting moldy in a humid environment.

In an expert look at the membrane covering we can say that the membrane covering or vacuum covering is an especial type of covering that is made of thermoplastic matter and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and it is used for decorating wooden decorations.

PVC material is considered one of the most widely used materials in decorative construction today, and having unique features such as high quality and high resistance to environmental damage, while having reasonable prices, has brought it to the forefront of covering production in the world.