Get to know the types of cabinet coverings

Cabinet is one of the inseparable components of kitchen and gives order to this pleasant area of home but usually MDF cabinets don’t have pleasant look and to add beauty and unique features to them it is better to add different types of coverings based on their tastes and applications.

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Monday 16 January 2023

In this era MDF is the leader of making doors, cabinets and all kinds of wooden products but to use it in interior decoration another part must add on it which the best option is coverings.

There are different coverings according to the material, application and beauty that Rosefilm audiences can use on their home cabinets according to their taste. 

High glass covering

Is one of the coverings with shiny and clear surface and due its material has high durability Compared to other coverings and It is considered among high quality and high price coverings.


Acrylic covering

This type of covering is thermoplastic and has shiny, modern and flexible look that gives a different look to the kitchen space. Acrylic has high durability against moisture and corrosion but has higher price than high glass coverings that its preparation is not very affordable.