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High Quality Materials

With the goal of "building to stay", Rosefilm sees commitment to quality as a factor in its survival. The production of decorative coatings with a goal beyond revenue generation, effort and hard work and continuous improvement is the headline of Rosefilm's business to create a lasting impact in the decorative industry. The first mission that Rosfilm is committed to and conveys to all its employees is that a product should be marketed that can best meet the needs of partners and end users; Rosfilm quality chain includes raw materials, machines, packaging, shipping, customer relationship and after-sales service.

Product color stability, production of coating without the use of waste in raw films, minimum adhesiveness and strength are among the basic principles and quality control indicators in Rosfilm products. The quality of Rosfilm products is not limited to the QC unit of this collection; This is the responsibility of all Rosfilm employees. The quality of our products is not accidental; Rather, it is the result of ambition, honest effort, intelligent direction management, and the achievement of skillful teamwork.


Unique variety of designs and colors

Our world is a mixture of thousands of colors and spectrums that form the bedrock of life on the foundation of the art of design and architecture. Home, school, workplace and city are just some of the visual space that reminds us that we are surrounded by an architectural world and that the combination of colors and designs is the most important factor in influencing such a world. The artificial space around us is reflected in the combination of colors and designs. Each of the colors, due to their chemical and psychological properties, are an important source of energy in order to increase the health and vitality of the soul in humans. A world without color and design will be a soulless and cold world.

Rosefilm with the message "Spirit of beauty of your living environment" considering the appropriateness of function, visual beauty, spatial harmony and effective and positive environmental and psychological impact on the interior design of homes and workplaces that require harmonious, coherent, meaningful and beautiful use of Elements of color and design is a unique and extensive collection of colors and designs in its product portfolio. Rosefilm has solved the challenge of observing harmony and coherence in the interior design and even the exterior of the living environment by including various colors and designs in the product portfolio of wall coverings, flooring, doors and windows, cabinets, etc., and according to different tastes and needs. Considering the dominant fashion in the global markets is constantly increasing the variety of colors and designs of its products.
In addition to well-known and widely used colors and designs in the market, Rose Film has also provided the possibility of custom and exclusive production of unique and unique colors. A variety of natural, royal and solid designs with different colors and various designs such as wood, marble (stone), concrete, gold, fantasy, ... is part of the thousands of patterns in the color world of Rose Film.

Natural Designs

Respect for Nature

Inspired by nature-inspired designs and sustainable design style, Rosefilm aims to meet today's needs without compromising the resources of future generations. The philosophy of sustainable design in rose film is to make and produce decorative coatings that are compatible with the living environment in a way that is compatible with the laws of ecological reliability.

Such environments have a beautiful and natural appearance because they are inspired by nature and without damaging the limited resources of the environment. In the eco style design style of Rosfilm, environmentally friendly materials and elements are used. The use of soft colors found in nature, such as beige, brown, sand, white, gray and black, is a feature of Rosefilm's natural designs.
In its design product style, Rosfilm emphasizes human and social values, conservation of natural resources and the environment, and in general, quality improvement and appropriate design for all groups. The purpose of Rosefilm can be considered to reduce environmental damage, minimize the consumption of energy resources and harmonize more with nature. The philosophy of sustainable design in Rosfilm products is to support attitudes and decisions that take into account the negative effects on the environment and the health of users at each stage of design, construction and then consumption.

New Productions

Moving towards producing high quality, modern, user-friendly and world-class products

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